Where to recycle in Squamish

Do you have a hard time figuring how to keep waste out of the landfills? Most people don’t have a lot of storage solutions in their homes for household junk, old furniture and appliances and other items that are no longer in working order. In Squamish we are lucky to have Carney’s Waste Systems – they do a fantastic job of recycling a wide variety of items and keeping waste out of dumpsters and landfills.

They have created this handy list of where to recycle the following items:
The following items can be dropped off at no cost at Carney’s as part of the Provincial Product Stewardship being managed locally by Carneys.
o Household Paint (with paint still inside or empty paint cans) -
a Re-Use-It program for paint is also in place
o Flammable Liquids
o Domestic Pesticides
o Gasoline
o Car Batteries (also accepted at the Squamish Landfill Depot)

1. Old refrigerators can be recycled in 2 ways.
• BC Hydro will accept old refrigerators that are still in working condition. Visit bchydro.com for more info and on making arrangments for them to pickup.
• The Squamish Landfill will accept non working refrigerators and recycles them with the steel.

2. Computers, TV’s and Electronics are taken back through the Provincial Product Stewardship Return-It Electronics Program being managed locally by the Squamish Bottle Depot & in Whistler at the Reuse-It-Center (located by the Function Junction Compactor site).

3. Beverage Containers (Glass and Plastic) and all Milk containers are taken back through the Provincial Product Stewardship Return-It Beverage Program being managed locally by the Squamish Bottle Depot. Click here for our location information.

4. Tires are taken back through the Provincial Tire Stewardship program at both the Squamish Landfill and the Whistler Transfer Station.

5. Used needles and unused prescription or over-the counter medicines should never be thrown away in the trash. With the Provincial Medications Return program you can now return unnecessary medicines to your local pharmacist at anytime.

Used oil, oil filters, and oil containers are taken back through the Provincial Stewardship program. For more information see their website usedoilrecycling.com Drop off at any of the following retailers.

Canadian Tire 604 898-2227
Fred’s Automotive 604 898-9845
Diamond Head Motors 604 892-2191

Barney’s Automotive 604 932-3199 *Small containers only

Source: Carney’s Waste Systems: